Understanding changes to CIS degrees 

Need to know before registering for2015 and Fall 2015

You may have caught wind of some exciting changes coming to the Computer Information Systems department. Beginning Fall 2015, we have revised our curriculum, now offering 4 AAAS degrees (associate degrees) and 3 pre-major degrees (transfer degrees). This has a big impact on current and future CIS students.

We are phasing out a few courses and have added about 10 new courses to our department. These range from a series of CCNA courses to a new internship course. As the faculty advisor to the Network Administration degree, I am super excited for the CCNA courses (4 in total). Also, we became a Cisco Academy this semester and have begun the extensive process of bringing a physical Cisco lab to our area  (real live racks of routers we configure and manage)!

As Fall enrollment is open to all current students beginning today, please take some time to view the following podcast. We explain the switch from CO to CIS, talk about our new degrees, and explain course equivalences. (Just to name a few degree related important explanations).

Watch! It’s the best and most useful 20 minute YouTube video you will watch all week! Or your money back (it’s free)!!!



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