Understanding changes to CIS degrees 

Need to know before registering for2015 and Fall 2015

You may have caught wind of some exciting changes coming to the Computer Information Systems department. Beginning Fall 2015, we have revised our curriculum, now offering 4 AAAS degrees (associate degrees) and 3 pre-major degrees (transfer degrees). This has a big impact on current and future CIS students.

We are phasing out a few courses and have added about 10 new courses to our department. These range from a series of CCNA courses to a new internship course. As the faculty advisor to the Network Administration degree, I am super excited for the CCNA courses (4 in total). Also, we became a Cisco Academy this semester and have begun the extensive process of bringing a physical Cisco lab to our area  (real live racks of routers we configure and manage)!

As Fall enrollment is open to all current students beginning today, please take some time to view the following podcast. We explain the switch from CO to CIS, talk about our new degrees, and explain course equivalences. (Just to name a few degree related important explanations).

Watch! It’s the best and most useful 20 minute YouTube video you will watch all week! Or your money back (it’s free)!!!



Don’t be like me…Shackled

Scholarship Deadlines: March 16 at GRCC and April 1 at Grand Rapids Community Foundation!

There have been a lot of articles over the past years about the rising cost of higher education.  Even at a community college, the costs are heavy.  There are 2 places that I know about where you can apply for scholarships and the deadlines are fast approaching.

GRCC Foundation Scholarships – one application for over 200 scholarships. Need and merit based, including transfer scholarships. Get more information at http://www.grcc.edu/financialaidscholarships/scholarshipopportunities

Grand Rapids Community Foundation scholarships  – Over 70 scholarships for residents of Kent County – Get more information at http://www.grfoundation.org/scholarships

The GRCC Foundation offers over 200 scholarships for students attending in the 2015-2016 school year.  Only one application is needed to be considered for these awards.  A paper application is available in the financial aid office (Enrollment Center-Main Building) or you may print the PDF. Applications and a transcript must be returned to the financial aid office. (see link above)

Grand Rapids Community Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships annually primarily to Kent County students bound for or in college, or those pursuing a technical career.

Don’t be like me and be shackled to student loan debt. I’m happy for my education. I needed my education. I just didn’t do it right. DON’T BE LIKE ME! Apply for scholarships today!

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GRCC runners raise $1,350 for Gilda’s Club

Professors in their undies?!?

GRCC Today

Thank you all for your support for FUNderwear Run and supporting our community! We raised $1,350 this year and we were once again the top fundraiser for Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids through the FUNderwear Run. Laughfest coordinators send their thanks and appreciate the support GRCC shows the community!

If you’re inspired, it’s not too late to donate at http://www.active.com/donate/funderwear2015/GRCCFaculty.

And a serious Thank You to 2015 runners!

Sean Mackey, Monica Stevens, Fred van Hartesveldt, Sarah Laycock, Katie Vander Meer, Michelle Allen, Ann Alexander, Christina McElwee, AndrewRozema, Rosario Montes-Sutton, Alejandro Saldivar, and Dan Groh!

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