Register NOW for Winter 2015 & NEW Mobile Registration Stations

Registering early for Winter 2015 is important to both GRCC and YOU!  First, it allows you to get the courses you need for your degree.  Secondly, if you wait to enroll there is a chance the course may be cancelled due to low enrollment.  If you want the classes you need and want a good schedule…it would be in your best interest to REGISTER NOW!  Get your schedule together NOW!

Please take advantage of the following resources that are available to help you.

New this year will be mobile stations around campus to provide students with quick walk up access to counselors and enrollment staff.   Here is a list of their times and locations from October 14 to October 30!

Here is information as to when students can enroll based on credits earned.  Registration opens TODAY, October 14, for students with 30+ credits.  Check out the schedule for your enrollment date!

Visit the Counseling and Career Center if you have questions about class selection…or see your department academic adviser.

Do you know about the FACTS payment plan – a way to break up your winter tuition payment? There is no down payment for students who enroll by December 10.




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