CIS Academic Advising Day October 9

CIS Academic Advising Day this Thursday, 3 – 5:30 p.m., 118 ATC! 


Need advice, not sure what to take next???  No appointment needed!

This advising day is for current and future CIS students to receive
information on our degrees, what classes they should be taking
and transfer opportunities!

Did you know that each curriculum code/program degree has a department adviser?  It does!  I am the adviser for those in the Code 147 Network Administration.  If you are not sure who your department adviser is, first identify what degree you are going after, and call our department administrative assistant to find out who advises under your code.  Our secretary’s name is Kelsee Mullins and you can email her at or call her at 616-234-3670.

Other important things you and your adviser needs to do for Departmental Level Academic Advising…

1. We need to insure you are in the correct plan code for your degree. Please ask students their plans for transfer or work to make sure they are placed either the AA or AAAS degree and the correct curriculum code. Recent changes to federal financial aid makes this much more critical than in the past.

2. My Career Path student information has been updated and corrected over the summer and is more accurate than in the past for 2011-2014 catalogs. MCP can now be used accurately for course placement/selection and graduation audit information.  Use it!

3. Students changing degree programs will start with the catalog in effect at the time of the change. This is NEW policy.

4. Students who leave the college for more than two calendar years and re-enroll will follow the catalog in effect at the time of the re-enrollment. This is NEW policy.

5. Students must complete an application to graduate This is NEW policy.

See you tomorrow if you are able.  If not, email me for personal phone of face to face appointment for advising.

Registration opens soon.  Know what you’re doing with your life!  Take charge of your degree!

Katie Vander Meer, Professor


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