Our Journey Year: Welcome Students


Our Journey Together

Our Journey Together

Tomorrow I begin my 16th year as a College Professor. I have some idea where the time went, but mostly I’m looking forward to this journey we all begin tomorrow.  Not living in the past with past mistake, past technologies, past grades, past classes, but what will we learn this year???  I will focus each day on Our Journey together through learning, collaborating, and building a network of professional (and sometimes personal) relationships.  This is Our Journey Year…and oh what a Year it will be!

I feel much honored to have some amazing students returning to my different classes, learning different technologies and contributing to the community.  I look forward to meeting the new students and making them feel welcome, introducing them to new opportunities, or simply getting them acclimated to the college environment.  Remember, this is Our Journey Year.  We can do anything together!

I have seen all types of learners, different levels of winners, and all kinds of interesting characters over the past 16 years. With all that, in no other world would I have had the opportunity to watch the growth of so many minds, educational goals come to fruition, and long term determination turn into rewards. I have made many friends, and for that I am most grateful.  Remember, this is Our Journey and I’m glad you’re sharing it with me.

To all my friends, family, and students who will begin another year or start their college career tomorrow, I encourage you to not quit. Listen to every word and read with an open mind. Find your place and pace, and do well. Know that what you do today makes this Journey worthwhile.  May Our Journey be as fulfilling as we both imagined…

As always, one way to go…Onward!



I’m now on YouTube!

Be sure to subscribe to my channel.  YouTube includes accessibility controls and also closed captioning.  It’s not perfect, but it works pretty good.

All my future videos will be public on my YouTube channel.  This is great is you want to follow along with code, listen to a discussion on a particular subject, or simply to just keep current about what we are forever changing in our curriculum. 

That’s a great opportunity for you to stay involved, whether you’re a current student or former…so let’s do it!  Let’s do YouTube!

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