Changes to Fall 2014…what to do, what to do???

Oh Dear Fall 2014, you are right around the corner,

   I will spend the next month in heavy prep, with a quad set of new books, new assignments, and new videos.  I’m considering dropping a few courses, but if I can do the video lectures and I am happy with the work I set forth, I won’t drop them.  Keep me motivated, keep me making a lecture video a day!  Keep me making a new assignment every time I log in…otherwise, I won’t give crap to you all.

   I have read in all sincerity the evaluations from Winter and Summer.  They were good and sincere and I appreciate that.  But I want to teach and if I cannot make quality lecture videos for CO235 and CO230, I’m going to let those classes go.  Morally, I have to.  I know I can do it…I just need the motivation and time.

   Personally, our family has been experiencing a busy summer.  We have moved my mother from South Haven last week, we have sold our home in 6 days, we found a perfect forever home for our family of four and hope to move in early August or late July.  And so we have been packing…and then we will be unpacking.  But being closer to work and school will be better for our family and we are very excited.  I will not be late once this upcoming semester, and my son will have 0 tardys!

  In addition, Lady Geeks of Grand Rapids has been going strong this summer.  Please like our page at and if you’re interested in meeting with us, men and women alike are welcome.  Our next meeting is July 26 at Knapps Corner Panera, 2 p.m.

  And finally, I have found a new hobby.  This is my current joy right now, so when I’m not prepping for classes, packing for the move, I’ll be sanding or staining something!  No one has bought anything yet from me, but I don’t care.  I keep sanding!

Thanks for reading!

See you all soon!