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2014 CIS Graduates!

Congratulations to the following CIS Graduates with various degrees and programs!  Some of you I have had the pleasure of teaching and I hope I did you well.  You make me proud and as you go on with your dreams…let me know how I can help!


This is a list from the 2014 Commencement Program so I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but I’m sure I did.  Congratulations!

The eve of Commencement Day…

Ah, on this the eve of graduation day, I take a minute to have a frosty beer as I click the last button on submitting grades.  That’s right, I have completed yet another academic year, put a bow on 2013-2014.  What a year it has been!

I have overextended myself this year.  I taught 10 classes in Fall and 11 in Winter.  I’ve met so many faces, so many students, so many assignments, and So So So many emails.  But we made it!  Many things I would do differently, but that’s why there’s next year I suppose.  I wish I could give more, be more, and do more.

This was a good year, nonetheless.  I met some amazing students who I think learned a great deal about themselves as they progressed through their courses.  I am honored to have been part of their life, at this journey to what they want to become.  What specifics I may have taught them is really insignificant to me.  It is their journey and I thank them for sharing it with me.

So here’s to Commencement Day tomorrow!  I will cry.  I am proud.