Celebrate and share your college accomplishments this holiday

   As the holidays are upon us and Christmas just 2 days away, I reflect on the importance of family and to me, that includes my students. As a CC student, it is assumed we don’t live far from home. Being with our families is just a short drive if that. This may be a time to share with your loved ones the things you’ve accomplished this past semester, the programs you coded or the new experiences you’ve enjoyed learning about. Perhaps show them a few of your accomplishments, share stories of that cranky professor, or laugh when you tell them about the funny things that have happened.

   For me, I may share the story of “Chmod”. Not, change mod, but “Chmod”. Where one of my Linux students, in her deep desire to get all the commands, always referred this command as Chmod and with a big heart, smiled when we laughed each and every time.

   I will also share how I am proud of the personal connections I made with so many new faces. I know as well as any, some are here to learn and take their educational seriously. I am a true believer that if you can do this while feeling you are important to me, then you will find greater success in your education. In honesty, this is not something I work at, this is just who I am and it works for me. I have laughed with you all, been serious with you, shared colds with you, cursed over missing semicolons with you, and cried in front of you when the emotions of the days were too much. Would I change things? Sure, but only some of those assignments that are always part of the continual learning process.

   With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy Christmas with your family. Share something with us? Comment and share your good work!

   Merry Christmas!


One thought on “Celebrate and share your college accomplishments this holiday

  1. William Watson says:

    I learned so much this semester. The biggest thing I got out of my classes this fall was how computer networks encompass so much more than just our Wi-fi and office connections. Almost all of our communications are digital now and use elaborate protocols and routing software. Even if someone doesn’t make a point of getting the latest smart phone, they are going to use computer networks or ask service people to use computer networks for them. People talk a lot about how computers have changed everything but few really understand how deep the changes have gone. There is so much more going on than I realized and it is exciting to know I can influence these things by studying and applying what I’ve learned.

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